Vision and business concept

Our vision is ‘to make life easier for those living in rural areas’. Our business concept is to offer a wide range of machinery, equipment and accessories without the need for long-term investment planning. In this way, as many people as possible can simplify their everyday life and at the same time invest in their lifestyle.

We offer customers affordable quality, and to be able to do this we work hard to optimise our entire value chain. We build up long-term relationships with suppliers, manufacture large volumes and automate manufacturing processes. Our vision in addition extends beyond agriculture. Farming is a lifestyle and we want to create an easier life for farmers by giving them the opportunity to invest in their lifestyle.

Sustainable growth – Investments in the future

KELLFRI’s vision is the basis of our growth. We want to make KELLFRI accessible to those living in rural areas so it can simplify their everyday life. We reinvest most of our profits in product development and sustainability solutions and by constantly ensuring your best buys are with us through well-designed products that meet market needs and offer high service levels and aftersales. A complete product for a lump sum, which pays off in the long run.

Today we have 60 employees and a turnover of over SEK 200 million.


In our modern and fully equipped workshop, we assemble everything from timber trailers and firewood machines to stroke harvesters and fully serviced, ready-to-use tractors. We are experts and very familiar with the products we sell, which gives customers a sense of security that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Our assembly department has extensive experience of the industry and of our products, giving customers products that are fully inspected, tested and assembled upon delivery.

We have our own service department which is always ready to offer its unique support services.

At Kellfri we nurture relationships with care. We have always built long-term relationships with our customers and in this way create job satisfaction.

Our sales staff are their own brand as they themselves live on farms and know what customers require to simplify their everyday lives. Here you can get good advice and product information. We are open weekdays to offer you advice and answer any other queries before you make your purchase.

Our product development department has extensive expertise that we want to share by regularly launching new products. It’s all happening at Kellfri.

We work quickly and in tune with the times, with short lead times. We have total control of the entire value chain, which ultimately benefits you as a customer, in terms of price, quality, functionality and delivery times.

Naturally, we stock wear and spare parts, which are delivered quickly from our warehouse.

Your product is shipped from our warehouse either fully assembled or in a neat packaging to be assembled once it is delivered.

Our relationship begins in earnest when you get your product. We are there for you with our expertise. We are proud and happy you chose a product from Kellfri and you can feel secure in the knowledge that you own a Kellfri product.

We are by your side in all weather and seasons – make a safe choice – choose Kellfri.

Kellfri – Your Supplier!