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Tipping trailer, 2.5 tonnes

Tipping trailer that carries 2.5 tonnes with hydraulic tipping and powerful bogie.

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2.5 tonne tipping trailer with full-size design

• Wide tyres and bogie – low ground pressure
• Lights and reflectors
• Adjustable parking jack
• Rotatable tow bar
• Fold-down sides

Tipping trailer TV25 has fold-down sides and a hydraulic tipping ram and carries 2.5 tonnes. Equipped with lights, reflectors, adjustable parking jack and tarpaulin attachment hooks, profiled sides for stability.

A very versatile trailer for lightweight jobs, it is at home on sensitive grass surfaces as it has a low ground pressure.

The tipping trailer requires a single-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor and has an a hydraulic ½ inch, quick coupling male hose.

Product requires assembly.

The extension sides can be bolted or welded to the trailer. For bolting, holes must be made by the customer.

Spareparts for Tipping trailer, 2.5 tonnes

Axle type
Floor height from the ground
700 mm
Floor dimensions
2,400 x 1,270 x 400 mm
L x W x H
3,700 x 1,270 x 1,100 mm
Max. tipping angle
Max. load
2,500 kg
Standard side
400 mm
Operating weight
335 kg
1.25 m³

Accessories for Tipping trailer, 2.5 tonnes

Extension sides for TV25

Extension sides in steel mesh for TV25 Tipping Trailer, 40 cm high.

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