Calf creep feeder 2 m

Galvanised calf creep feeder incl. feed hopper and gates, 950 litres.
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Calf creep feeder – if you need to feed calves while they are with adult livestock.

• Feed hopper holds 950 l
• The pen is 175 x 200 cm
• Complete with feed hopper and pen
• Galvanised for long service life

The feed hopper

The feed hopper is 200 cm wide. The roof of the feed hopper folds inwards, making it easy to refill roughage with a frontloader bucket, the roof locks automatically when you fold it down.

The pen

The pen is 200 cm wide and 175 cm deep and thus small enough for calves to not find it suitable as a place to lie down, with room only for the calves that come in to eat.

Openings in the pen have an adjustable width of up to 60 cm, which can be adapted so that only animals of the intended size can enter and exit.

When moving, the pen is folded up towards the feed hopper and the entire unit is lifted with the 3-point linkage.

More areas of use:

You can remove the pen to create a ”roughage dispenser” for larger animals. The legs on the feed hopper are height-adjustable so that you can adjust the height of the feed hopper.

Supplied unassembled.
More Information
Feed hopper 2,000 mm
Gate system 42 mm ø
Feed hopper volume 950 l
Total width 2,200 mm
Total length 1,750 mm
Weight 338 kg