Front Exclusive with swing door, 3.5 m including plastic panelling

Front with arched swing door and openable grille for horse stalls.
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The front is 350 cm wide with a total height of 226 cm. The stall opening (passage width) is 120 cm and the stall door is fitted with a spring loaded lock as is the openable sliding grille on the front. The upper grille section is galvanised. The height of the front panelling is 130 cm.

The fronts are delivered with uncut, tongue and grooved plastic panelling where the lengths are adapted to minimise waste. The plastic panelling has an effective building width of 135 mm and is 32 mm thick.

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More Information
Box height2,265 mm
Box opening1,200 mm
Installation dimensions3,470 mm
Length3,500 mm
Panel height in front1,300 mm