Cranes, winches & valve blocks

Forestry crane - the agriculture crane for all your needs. On the timber trailer or three-point hitch, with roundwood grapple, grapple bucket, with mounted woodchipper and brush grapple or energy grapple, the applications are endless. Solutions thought out to the very last detail, two-lever controls, lightweight valve block or proportional levers with a professional feeling. Hydraulic A-stabilisers, standard or stability accessories, double slewing cylinder, built-in overhead hydraulic cylinder, anti-abrasion hose protection in vulnerable places and hidden hose routing to minimise damage to hoses and couplings.

Forestry crane - the agriculture crane for all your needs

Angled boom for greater lifting force, an articulated joint between boom and jib for best pattern of movement.

Fully rotating rotator with hose coupling protection and grapple rotating brake. These brakes are standard from GL53. All are fitted with a Kellfri roundwood grapple with protected hydraulics. Four crane models with original hydraulic winch. Other models can be fitted with a winch as an optional extra, with or without remote control. External hydraulic pump with large tank for the tractor's PTO as an accessory, makes it possible to compensate for a low oil flow from the tractor. This means that most tractors can operate a Kellfri crane.

Outreach from 3.6 metres, which gives you a small crane with a full-size design, to 7.3 metres, which gives you a semi-professional crane with great performance for tough forwarding - for more professional users.

Altogether the market's most affordable and competitive range of cranes - assembled, tested and test-operated in our workshop.

Strength, Technology, Reliability - a Kellfri crane

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24 produkter
  • {"id":"b-21-KW1400","name":"Complete winch with 1,400 kg pulling force","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"1190"}
  • {"id":"b-21-KWE900","name":"Electric winch 12 V 908 kg","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"135"}
  • {"id":"b-21-GL36","name":"Grapple loader 3.6 m","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"3960"}
  • {"id":"b-21-GL42","name":"Grapple loader 4.2 m","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"4365"}
  • {"id":"b-21-GL47","name":"Grapple loader 4.7 m","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"4875"}
  • {"id":"b-21-GL53","name":"Grapple loader 5.3 m","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"6805"}
  • {"id":"b-21-GL63","name":"Grapple loader 6.3 m","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"7825"}
  • {"id":"b-21-GL70","name":"Grapple loader 7.0 m single extension","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"8955"}
  • {"id":"b-21-GLP57","name":"Parallel grapple loader 5.7 m","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"7600"}
  • {"id":"b-21-STM400RV","name":"Radio remote control for stroke harvester","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"4510"}
  • {"id":"b-21-KW1000-47","name":"Radio remote-controlled hydraulic winch with 1,000 kg pulling force","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"1190"}
  • {"id":"b-21-KW1000-34","name":"Radio remote-controlled hydraulic winch, ATV grapple loader","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"1190"}
  • {"id":"b-21-RV","name":"Remote radio control for hydraulic winch","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"780"}
  • {"id":"b-21-VP1-50-VV6/2","name":"Selector valve with hose and control box","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"425"}
  • {"id":"b-21-VP7-60-2S","name":"Valve block 7 sections 2-lever","category":"Forest & Firewood/Cranes, winches & valve blocks/Valve block","price":"980"}
  • {"id":"b-21-VP2-25-FS","name":"Valve block, 2 sections, multi-lever","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"240"}
  • {"id":"b-21-VP3-25-FS","name":"Valve block, 3 sections, multi-lever","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"305"}
  • {"id":"b-21-VP4-25-FS","name":"Valve block, 4 sections, multi-lever","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"390"}
  • {"id":"b-21-VP7-25-2S","name":"Valve block, 7 sections, 2-lever","category":"Forest & Firewood/Cranes, winches & valve blocks/Valve block","price":"780"}
  • {"id":"b-21-VP7-25-FS","name":"Valve block, 7 sections, multi-lever","category":"Forest & Firewood/Cranes, winches & valve blocks/Valve block","price":"645"}
  • {"id":"b-21-VP8-60-2S","name":"Valve block, 8 sections, 2-lever","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"1190"}