Energy grapple

If you want to extend the range of uses of your forestry trailer, Kellfri has the energy grapple for you. The energy grapple is available in two sizes. The smaller one cuts trunks up to 150 mm and the larger one up to 180 mm. The energy grapple is a flexible and easy-to-manoeuvre chopper grapple that makes it easy to get to timber. It also cuts saplings with ease. When the energy grapple is fully open the oil flows across to open the blade and tilt it up. When the grapple is fully closed around the trunk, all the power is transferred to the blade. 

An adjustable sequence valve manages tilt up/down with no need for additional hoses except those for opening and closing the grapple. 

A single operation is all it takes to reset the hydraulics, and you have an ordinary grapple for flexible unloading. 

The energy grapple has protected hydraulics, and its robust design guarantees trouble-free operation. Simple to fit and use, no additional hydraulic outlets or electrical connections. 

A flexible and fast energy grapple that suits most cranes and requirements.

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  • {"id":"b-21-TK15F","name":"Wood chopper grapple 150","category":"Forest & Firewood/Accessories for Forestry Trailers/Energy grapple","price":"2260"}
  • {"id":"b-21-TK18","name":"Wood chopper grapple 180","category":"Forest & Firewood/Accessories for Forestry Trailers/Energy grapple","price":"2775"}