Hunting towers

Why should you use a hunting tower?

  • Support for shooting gives more reliable shots
  • Improves visibility over low-growing bushes and trees
  • • The angle to the ground catches bullets more safely
  • • Human scent is reduced, as it is dispersed higher up
  • • The game does not see you when you are sitting a few metres higher up

Positioning the hunting towerPut the hunting tower next to a game trail, preferably near a forest curtain, so that you can sneak there without being seen and you are hidden when you are sitting on the lookout in the tower.

Hunting tower warningIf someone climbs into your hunting tower, falls and is injured, you may be held responsible, since you are the person who erected the tower. A tip for keeping uninvited visitors out of the tower is to remove the ladder. You can also put up a sign warning that people enter the tower at their own risk.

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  1. Hunting tower, 3.0 m
    Hunting tower, 3.0 m

    Stable hunting tower, seat height 2.6 m, complete assembly kit

  2. Hunting tower, 2.4 m
    Hunting tower, 2.4 m

    Stable hunting tower, seat height 2.0 m, complete assembly kit

2 Items

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