Forestry trailer 9 tonnes with crane 5.3 m

Forestry trailer 9 tonnes with 5.3 m crane. Two-lever valve block and 35 m winch.
£8,690 Excl. Tax
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Robust timber trailer with wide tyres for optimum manoeuvrability

• Ground clearance 52 cm
• Wheel 400/60-15.5
• Crane reach 5.3 m
• Lifting capacity at 5.3 m: 400 kg
• Fully rotating rotator and articulated steering are standard
• Gripping area 0.21 m²

Kellfri's timber trailer and crane is a powerfully dimensioned rig with optimum manoeuvrability and maximum range of movement. Created by our designers to be efficient in the forest without compromising on safety.

The safety headboard is more than sufficiently sized to protect the operator. All hydraulics and hoses are built in and guarded to minimise the risk of external damage.

Well dimensioned safety headboard to protect the operator.

Plenty of free space below the trailer to allow it to easily pass over any obstacles and a terrain-friendly bogie. The trailer has a low centre of gravity and hydraulic stabilisers for stable loading, unloading and operation. Articulated steering with one cylinder.

High ground clearance.

Terrain-friendly bogie and wide 400 wheels.

The crane is equipped with a bent lifting arm providing maximum lifting capacity in flat ground positions. Top-mounted lift cylinders in protected position. The interior hoses in the lifting arm and articulated boom are protected from external damage during operation. Double rotation cylinders.

Bent lifting arm provides maximum lifting capacity in flat ground positions.

Equipped as standard with winch, articulated tow bar, parking jack, 2-lever valve block, hydraulic stabilisers, fully rotating rotator, rotator link with brake.

Standard equipment with winch.

When you buy a Kellfri timber trailer, it will be supplied with oil in the system, fully assembled, test driven and ready for use. The trailer requires one return and one double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor. Supplied with four hydraulic ½ inch, quick coupling male hoses. The trailer can be additionally equipped with a hydraulic brake.

6 bolsters.

The grapple loader valve is available in three designs:

• 2-lever: manual valve block, supplied as standard

• 2-lever, el. on/off: power-operated grapple and extension boom at a reduced price, £690 excluding VAT (applies only when purchasing trailer). For more information, contact your dealer or read more here.

• Lightweight valve block, el. on/off: two-lever with power-operated grapple. extension boom and stabilisers. Reduced price, £1,890 excluding VAT (applies only when purchasing trailer). For more information, contact your dealer or read more here.

When purchasing: Loading ramp is required when unloading.

This product has to be assembled by Kellfri's staff. For delivery information, contact your dealer.

Here you can see a film about our timber trailer SV90/GL63

More Information
Central beam150 x 150 mm
Ground clearance520 mm
Headboard1,250 mm (height)
Gripping area0.21 m²
Grapple1,250 mm (width)
Load widthInternally 950 mm (bottom), 1,750 mm (top)
Swivel tow bar eyeYes
Lifting capacityat 5.3 m: 400 kg
Max. load9,000 kg
Recommended power requirement40-80 hp
Recommended oil flow25-50 l/min
Crane reach5,300 mm
System pressure18 Mpa
Total width2,200 mm
Total length5,400 mm
Weight2,300 kg