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Forestry trailer with 3.6 m crane including wheel drive

9 hp petrol motor, for ATV or small tractor, hydraulic stabilisers as standard.

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Versatile timber trailer for ATVs – a powerhouse with hydraulic crane, wheel drive and its own hydraulic system

• 9 hp petrol motor
• Wheel drive via hydraulic rollers between the tyres
• Terrain-friendly bogie
• High ground clearance
• Stable frame makes it easy to pull the trailer

9 hp petrol motor provides the trailer with the power it needs, crane with superior movement pattern and strength. Wheel drive via rollers on the well-treaded tyres, terrain-friendly bogie and good ground clearance. Rotatable 50 mm ball coupling for your safety, flexible and simple engagement and disengagement as well as high loading capacity makes this trailer both safe and reliable.

Terrain-friendly bogie.

High ground clearance.

Hydraulic stabilisers mean that the trailer remains stable during loading and unloading. All hydraulics and hoses are built in and guarded to minimise the risk of external damage.

Hydraulic stabilisers make the trailer steady and stable when loading and unloading.

Strong crane with superior movement pattern.

Horizontally adjustable bogie for adaptation to different lengths of timber and thus also adjustment of the pressure on the ball hitch on the ATV. This is very important as too much pressure can damage your ATV and a negative pressure makes the rig unstable and dangerous.

The wheel drive substantially increases accessibility and makes it easier to get around in the forest and past difficult areas. The rig can also be equipped with a hydraulic winch.

The wheel drive makes it easier to drive in woods.

Sliding bogie enables the centre of gravity to be adapted according to different timber lengths.

All in all, the technology, strength, safety and price will make this trailer an appreciated companion in the forest for many years.

A flexible insert floor is available as an accessory. See more here.

The grapple loader valve is available in two designs:

• Multi-lever: 7 sections, supplied as standard

• 2-lever: 7 sections at a reduced price, £150 excluding VAT (applies only when purchasing trailer). For more information, contact your dealer or read more here.

This product has to be assembled by Kellfri's staff. For delivery information, contact your dealer.

Here you can see a film about our forestry trailer with crane including wheel drive

The crane in the film is our old 3.4 m model, which is now 3.6 m.

Forestry trailer with crane excluding wheel drive

The crane in the film is our old 3.4 m model, which is now 3.6 m.

Spareparts for Forestry trailer with 3.6 m crane including wheel drive

Rotator 3

Rotator 3 with 39.5 mm rotator pin.


Grapple 08

Grapple 08 opens 700 mm and has a 0.08 m² gripping area.

Central beam
Front 80 x 80 mm, Rear 90 x 90 mm
Wheel drive
Hydraulic motors, 2 x 160 cc
Ground clearance
400 mm, c-pipe
W x H 1,100 x 720 mm
Gripping area
0.08 m²
690 mm (width)
Deep tread pattern 23 x 10 x 12
Hydraulic stabilisers
Load width
Internally 600 mm (bottom), 1,100 mm (top)
Lifting capacity
at 3 m: 175 kg
Max. load
1,600 kg
Motor for the hydraulic valve block
9 hp
Crane reach
3,600 mm
Fully rotating rotator
4, height 800 mm
Operating weight
445 kg
Total width
1,350 mm
Valve block
Italian, 5-lever + 2 stabilisers

Accessories for Forestry trailer with 3.6 m crane including wheel drive

Insert bucket for grapple 08

Insert bucket for grapple 08

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Radio remote-controlled hydraulic winch with 1,000 kg pulling force

Radio-controlled hydraulic winch for ATV grapple loader.

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Insert floor for SV36 forestry trailer

Steady floor in 1.6 mm galvanised plating

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Dolly manual

For moving carts, ATV equipment and horse trailers easily.

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Hydraulically tiltable floor for SV36 forestry trailer

Load capacity 1.5 tonnes and 2.6 m² load area

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Holder for fencing roll

Work efficiently when you erect fence wire – use a holder on your forestry trailer.

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