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Parks & Gardens

Kellfri's range of park and garden machinery is developed for effectively managing grasslands, courtyards and areas around your properties.
Grassland machinery and fertiliser spreaders, tipping trailers for parks and garden management, sand and salt spreaders, which can all be used with both tractors and quads/ATVs, are some of the efficient and functional equipment and machines that you will find in our range.

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Garden trailer with tow bar

Garden trailer with tow bar and tiltable floor

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Gritter, hand-operated

Hand-operated gritter with adjustable spread quantity

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Salt & fertiliser spreader 160 kg ATV

Salt & fertiliser spreader with 160 litre hopper for your ATV or Quad.

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Riot barrier 2,4 m, with reflector

Galvanised safety barrier with reflector for temporary barriers or pens.

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ATV Backhoe Digger

Kellfri's ATV Backhoe Digger is a flexible backhoe with an excavation depth of 204 cm.

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Total: 5 Item(s)