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Reversing snowblower

Reversing snowblower for small and medium-sized tractors, working width 1.8 m.



Reversing snow blower which deals with all types of snow

• Working width 183 cm
• Total width 190 cm
• Power requirement 18-40 hp
• Transverse auger

Snowblower for small and medium-sized tractors. With its solid design, the snowblower deals with the most extreme winter conditions where you operate your tractor. The snowblower is both powerful and a partner you can rely on at all times.

With its transverse chain-driven auger which works as knives, the snowblower cuts through all types of snow, even tightly compacted. It then feeds the snow in through the ejector blade and sends it out through the ejector chute in the chosen direction.

The snowblower has an adjustment crank which makes it easy to adjust the angle of the ejector chute, height adjustable wear skids and three-point linkage.

Supplied with PTO drive shaft with shear bolt.

Transverse chain-driven auger.

Ejector blade which sends the snow through the ejector chute.

Adjustment crank which sets the angle of the ejector chute.

Height adjustable wear skids.

Three-point linkage.

Watch a film of our snowblower in action

Working width
1,830 mm
Total width
1,900 mm
Total height
1,800 mm
Power requirement
18 - 40 hp
540 rpm
270 kg