Roofed feeder for sheep

Large bale feeder with adjustable feeding gates, 22 openings

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Large bale feeder with adjustable feeding gates for sheep

• 22 feed openings
• Adapted for 120 cm round bales 
• Adjustable base supports provide good stability
• Adjustable feeding gates
• Adjustable roof height
• Collection trough – minimises spillage

Served on a silver platter

"So that the sheep wouldn't feel stressed by the cows while they were feeding, we decided earlier on that they should have their own feeding place. The sheep like to have fine, dry hay. They don't like hay that has been turned sour by the rain, so a roof over the bales was almost a must, and this feeder has one. 

Other advantages of a feeder like this are that it's more economical and hygienic – the sheep don't eat trampled hay, and any feed waste goes into a collection trough. I bought our feeder from Kellfri. They don't charge for delivery, which is great for us because we live a long way from anywhere."
A high recommendation from Ida, M.II.O Entreprenad AB.

Using and adapting

The feeder is filled by opening the back end and lifting in the bale. The side gates are adjustable to suit different bale sizes and to reduce the distance the animals have to reach to eat the feed. The gates are fitted with a collection trough to minimise feed waste. 

The roof is height adjustable to allow you to set the height that provides the best protection.

The base supports ensure the feeder is stable as well as being adjustable, enabling you to adjust feeding height.

The feeder can be moved using the three-point linkage on a tractor with a drawbar.

Reduce feed waste

When feeding roughage to sheep there is a lot of waste, and a proven method of reducing feed waste is to use a feeder.

Improve your sheeps' health

You also improve the hygiene of the feeding site by minimising the risk of sheep consuming partly trampled feed. Health is a long-term investment, both in economic terms and for saving time and energy.

Right size saves time

This feeder is specially adapted to accommodate a 120 cm ø round bale. Putting the bale directly into the feeder is an effective way of saving time when feeding. As 120 cm diameter bales last longer, you fill the feeder less often and make time for other things – a popular long-term investment. This galvanised sheep feeder has 22 feed openings. 

It's quite simply more economical to use a feeder!

More Information
Feed openings 22
Grate width 165 mm wide long edges, 180 mm wide ends
L x W x H 1,700 x 1,600 x 2,100 mm
Weight 200 kg