Safety instructions

Thank you for choosing a product from Kellfri AB. By following the general safety information and instruction manual and using safe practices you will ensure better and safer use of your Kellfri product for many years. Kellfri design and deliver efficient and affordable machinery and components for the forestry, agriculture, construction and gardening sector in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.

Before use
Before using the product you should ensure that you read through and understand all of the instructions, and the general safety regulations and instruction manual, both for your safety and the safety of others. These documents should be kept handy for the product user. It is a good idea to read the general safety instructions periodically, both for your safety and the safety of others. If the safety instructions or instruction manual get damaged or lost, new copies may be ordered from: Kellfri AB, Munkatorpsgatan 6, SE-532 37 SKARA, tel: +46 511 242 50.

Do not use this product if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, strong medication or feel sick or tired. Always comply with the general rules of the road, and the applicable animal protection laws. People under the age of 15 are not allowed to use the product.

Always check the performance of the machine combination which will be used. It is important that they are compatible and match in a satisfactory manner to ensure product function, as well as your safety and the safety of others.

Carry out a thorough check before use to detect any damage or wear, fix and replace if necessary. Grease moving parts and check that all nuts and bolts are tightened.

Learn and practice proper working methods. Beginners should always maintain a low speed and use caution until routines and product knowledge are embedded. As the customer, you are always responsible for ensuring users are able to handle the product and the situation. The product should not be used if it cannot be used in a manner which is safe for the user.

In case of emergency  
• In case of emergency, call 112.
• Always have a mobile phone or emergency phone available when working alone.
• A first aid kit and fire extinguisher should be kept in an easily accessible location when carrying out any work, maintenance and service work.

Warning labels 
Make sure the warning labels are always visible, clean and readable. Do not use a high-pressure washer directly on the warning labels. If any part of the warning label is replaced or the labels become worn and need replacing new ones must be ordered.

Personal protection 
Always use personal protective equipment appropriate for and adapted to the product you are going to use. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery while you are working with the product. Long hair should be tied up when working with equipment that has rotating parts.

• Check that the work area is free from bystanders and objects before using the product. Take particular care if there are children in the vicinity of where the product is used or stored.
• Check that there are no low-hanging electrical cables within the work area.
• Exercise caution when working on slopes and close to ditches.
• Never leave rubbish in the work area and keep work areas clean.
• Always respect the product’s risk zonen.

Only people who have read and understood the safety information and instruction manual may use the product. Exercise caution and care when working with the product and only use it in the way described in the instruction manual. Exercise caution when working with products with hydraulic hoses as oil under pressure can penetrate the skin. Immediately seek medical attention should this occur.
• There is a risk of crushing when working with a product that has moving parts.
• Always use suitable protective clothing and shoes.
• Always work alone with products that are made for working alone.
• Always respect the product’s risk zone.
• Different materials, oils and lubricating grease are adversely affected by low temperatures. This is also the case with high temperatures. Take this into consideration when using them.

Transportation and set-up 
Check that the work area is free from bystanders and objects before driving off. Ensure that the product is well anchored and existing transport lashings are fitted, be attentive and cautious throughout transportation.
• Place the load as low as possible.
• Do not permit anyone to walk under suspended loads.
• Trailers used for transportation should have brakes that work.
• Respect the product’s risk zone during transportation and when moving.

Always keep the product on a dry surface, preferably under a roof when not in use. Ensure that the product is stable and cannot fall over. Never permit children to play at the storage site. Be aware of the tipping risk!

Maintenance and service 
Make sure that the product is stable and cannot tip over when carrying out maintenance and service work. Replace damaged and worn parts immediately and only use spare parts with equivalent performance to avoid damage and breakdowns. Carry out maintenance, service and checks in line with the recommendations in the instruction manual. All repair work and electrical connections must be carried out by a qualified technician. Remember to check that all nuts and bolts are tightened after maintenance and service work. Always test the product before starting work!

Kellfri AB has a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to make modifications, e.g. to the design and appearance of the product, without prior notice.

When scrapping, the product should be dismantled and transported to the municipality’s intended location for scrapping. Contact your municipality for further information.