Stone sorting fork 1.55 m, three-point linkage category 2

A solid stone sorting fork with rock dam at the front that prevents stones from falling off.
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With humped front which prevents the stones from falling off

• Tines and rods at the rear and bottom
• Boltable attachments for three-point linkage cat. 2
• Total width 155 cm
• Depth 100 cm

A solid and well-constructed stone sorting fork with a humped front, making work more efficient as more picking is done before emptying, so there is less driving in fields, which reduces ground compaction.

The rock dam prevents stones from sliding off while you are collecting more stones.

The tines and rods in the rear and bottom are 30 mm in diameter and the cc distance is 115 mm.

Supplied with boltable attachments for three-point linkage category 2, which facilitates change to frontloader with a different attachment.

Separate attachments available as extras.
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Depth 1,000 mm
Total width 1,550 mm
Weight 325 kg