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Wood chopper grapple

Wood chopper grapple with fixed blade and powerful single grapple

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Wood chopper grapple with fixed blade, powerful single grapple and minimal weight

Flexible and easy-to-manoeuvre chopper grapple that makes it easy to get to timber, even saplings are easily cut as it can cut slender trunks up to 15 cm.

Fast chopping sequence for top felling performance. Linked to the rotator and connected to the grapple's normal hydraulic hoses.

Adjustable sequence valve manages tilt up/down excluding the need for additional hoses except those for opening/closing the grapple.

50 mm opening for rotator connection, 3/8” thread for hydraulic hoses and replaceable blade.

A flexible and fast energy grapple that suits most cranes and requirements.

Spareparts for Wood chopper grapple

650 mm
Cutting width, trunk
150 mm (max)
Rotator attachment
50 mm
System pressure
175-220 bar
132 kg