Salt & fertiliser spreader ATV

Salt & fertiliser spreader with 160 litre hopper for your ATV or Quad.

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Salt & fertiliser spreader for ATV or smaller tractor

The spreader is friction-driven via the wheels, with accurate adjustment for precise spreading amount.

Accurate adjustment of spreading amount, and with the option of adjusting the four spreader fins to suit the material.

Mixer in the hopper for even output of material, suitable for manure, seeds, salt, etc. Hopper volume 160 l.

Supplied unassembled with 50 mm ball coupling.

The spreader is friction-driven via the wheels.

Four spreader fins.

Adjustable measurement of material.

More Information
Spreading disc 1
Weight 63 kg
Volume 160 l (max 160 kg)
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    Dolly manual