Grading bucket PRO 2.2 m attachment which fits Trima

Heavy-duty and hard-wearing grading bucket 2.2 m with wear surfaces made of Hardox®.

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Robust grading bucket 2.2 m, with attachment that fits Trima

• Designed and built for hard work
• Low bucket back gives a better overview from the cab
• Long bottom to make the cut visible
• Round ends for optimal loading
• Wear surfaces made of Hardox®

Grading bucket with good user-friendliness that fits all frontloaders

This bucket works best when e.g. adjusting, levelling, loading and unloading small and large areas and materials. Sand, soil or other fill are common materials to work with when ground levelling.

In general, the design is wider, has a lower back and is slightly longer than other buckets. This is ideal for levelling work.

With the help of the width, you can produce a neat and even surface over a larger area directly. Thanks to the low rear plate, which we call the back, the operator gets an optimum overview from the cab, with a total height of 514 mm.

And finally, thanks to the increased length, you get a good overview from the operator’s cab of where the bucket’s blade is cutting. In this way, you have full control and precision over your levelling work, with hard or loose materials.

Wear surfaces made of Hardox®

The underside of the grading bucket is equipped with wear ribs 100 x 6 mm from the back to the front made of Hardox®, which produces a strong structure and benefits during levelling work as the ribs fill unevenness. The bucket also has reinforcements on the back as ends.

Hardox® Wear plate is the world’s leading wear steel. Hardox is hard all the way through, from the surface down to the core, and gives a longer service life and higher productivity in the most challenging environments.

The ends are slightly rounded to optimise loading of loose materials. The back itself is straight, as levelling work and adjustments are also made by reversing and thereby levelling out unevenness using the straight rear plate.

The grading bucket’s blade, wear ribs and top edge of the side plate are also made of the hard Hardox, with a depth of 150 mm and 16 mm in thickness. The blade has a rough weld surface of 5 mm.

The bottom and sides of the bucket are made of S355 steel. 

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