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If you live in the country and have a tractor or quad/ATV, we have a wide, affordable range from which you can derive benefit all year round.

Equipment for clearing snow and ice: we have a complete product range of dozer blades, gritters and front-mounted wedge ploughs. Grassland machinery such as pasture toppers, rotary slashers and slope mowers are characterised by functionality and operational safety. Strong, durable buckets and pallet forks and generously sized tipping trailers and dumpers. If you have cattle, sheep or horses, we also have feeders, livestock housing fixtures and stationary and movable gates.

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Small, versatile excavator for tight spaces.

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Harrow mat 1.7 m

Reversible harrow mat for levelling softer substrates and animal droppings.

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Stone sorting fork 1.55 m, bracket suitable for Trima

A solid stone sorting fork with rock dam at the front that prevents stones from falling off.

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Verge flail mower with flap, 1.4 m

Mower with rear flap. For tractors with 50 hp or more.

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Pallet fork 1.5 tonnes, bracket suitable for Trima

Adjustable pallet fork 1.5 tonnes with bracket suitable for Trima.

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All-round bucket 1.25 m, Euro

Kellfri's all-round bucket is a very strong, durable bucket with extruded profile sides.

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Feeder with tombstone railings, for  cattle, 12 feed openings

Feeder with three-point attachment, strong tubular frame, double attached tombstone railings and three openable sections.

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Grassland harrow 2 metres

Reversible heavy-duty grassland harrow in one section for gentle cultivation of the substrate.

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Moveable gate with loop legs

Galvanised moveable gate with loop legs for herding paths and pens.

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Bale grapple BG2002 with attachment  to fit Trima

Bale grapple with attachment to fit Trima, with or without parallel operation.

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Total: 10 Item(s)