Moveable gate with loop legs

Galvanised moveable gate with loop legs for herding paths and pens.

Moveable gate with loop legs

• Robustly constructed with flat oval tubular piping, withstands the pressure of heavier animals
• Loop tubings at the top reduce the risk of injury if animals attempt to escape
• Loop tubings at the bottom prevent the gate from sinking into the ground
• Reversible, reduces the distance between the ground and the first stay, reduces the risk of calves which lie down getting up on the wrong side
• The gates can easily be connected together with a lock chain

Suitable for various types of animals, including cattle and horses

A flexible gate system with moveable, stable gates making it easy to erect collection pens, herding paths, stalls, pens, convalescence pens or screened-off areas.

In winter the gates can be used to construct rest sites or as fittings in a loose housing barn.

Smart design in every detail

The gates are solidly constructed with flat oval tubular piping which provides an extra strong structure and enables the gate to withstand the pressure of even large and heavy animals.

The total height is generous at 170 cm so that the animals cannot jump over the erected enclosure, and there is loop tubing to prevent injury to the animals if they should attempt to escape.

The design of the loop foot prevents the gate from sinking into the ground, and acts as a skid when you move the gates.

The gates are simple to connect together with a chain lock, which facilitates fast and secure connection.

The gates are galvanised for a long service life.

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£130 Excl. VAT
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Product no. 25-300160
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