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Cement mixer 800 l

Tractor-operated cement mixer with mixing volume of 800 litres, incl. PTO shaft

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Kellfri's Cement Mixer, with 800 litre mixing volume

This large, substantial mixer, makes pouring floors or foundations easy.

A robustly constructed tractor-powered concrete mixer with powerful components for a long service life, 4 spring-mounted mixing arms and paddles.

Protective grating with bag ripper fitted. Mixing volume 800 l, easily emptied into a wheelbarrow or directly on site.

Powerful frame with fork pockets that make it easy to move the mixer.

3-point linkage and PTO shaft are included as standard

Spareparts for Cement mixer 800 l

Bottenskrapa på S-pinne till cementblandare

Bottom scraper on S-tine for cement mixer 18-CB800


Ytterskrapa till cementblandare

Ytterskrapa till cementblandare CB800


S-Pinne (omrörare) till cementblandare

S-Pinne (omrörare) till cementblandare CB800


Blandararm omrörararm till cementblandare

Blandararm omrörararm till cementblandare CB800


Right now we can not offer any spare parts for this product

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800 l