Rearview camera incl. monitor and 20 m connection cable

Complete rearview camera system for optimum rear visibility and increased safety.

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£395 Excl. VAT
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Product no. 21-9425089

Complete rearview camera system for optimum rear visibility

• 7” colour LCD screen with touch buttons
• Wide angle rearview camera
• Protective visor automatically slides down in front of the lens when the camera is turned off
• Ergonomic for back and neck
• Night driving thanks to IR diodes

Helpful in any weather

The rearview camera is a great help with first-class control in the forest, on the farm, on roads and anywhere where the view behind you is obscured.

With its 20 metre connection cable, the CCD camera is mounted at the back of the cab, for example on the centre beam or directly on the vehicle. The cable can be discreetly integrated between the monitor and the camera, which is connected via a 5-pin cable. Trigger cables are included for activating guide lines when reversing and assessing distances. The built-in IR diodes show the way when driving at night.

The LCD monitor gives the driver a pleasant screen to look at with very good picture quality in colour. The monitor has a sunshade around it to reduce light and to protect against shocks. Touch buttons are located on the side of the monitor for switching on and off as well as for operating the various functions. In addition to good visibility of a 150-degree wide angle, the rearview camera also has a built-in microphone, and the monitor has a built-in loudspeaker. This facilitates further communication between the driver and anyone beside the cab.  


When reversing, loading or unloading, operators need to be constantly aware of what is behind them. This puts great daily strain on the back and neck, which in turn can cause injury in the short and long term.

One of the major advantages of the rearview camera is its ergonomic design, as the driver no longer has to turn around to the same extent as before. The monitor should be mounted in a suitable location in the front of the cab, such as on a front pillar or instrument panel. This is gentler on the neck and back for operators of commercial vehicles who need a constant overview of what is behind them.

Reliable components

The rearview camera is designed and used for professional and small-scale users. With its high IP69K rating, the camera is completely dust and water resistant, and withstands high pressure rinsing in cold and hot water from different angles.

The lens is automatically heated to prevent frost and dew when used in colder weather conditions.

The built-in motorised visor automatically folds down over the lens when the camera is turned off, providing the lens with durable protection when not in use.

Technical data:
Camera dimensions: W85 x D80 x H110 mm
Auto-heated lens: Yes
Camera IP rating: IP69K
Motorised visor: Yes
Built-in microphone: In camera
Built-in speaker: In monitor
Camera: 1 pcs. 1/3 CCD camera 5-pin connector
Camera IR diodes: 4 pcs
Wide angle camera: 150°
Monitor contrast: 500:1
LCD colour monitor: Yes
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Monitor size: 7"
Touchscreen: No
Waterproof screen: No
Number of cable pins: 5 pcs
Cable length: 20 m
Full pro: Yes
Voltage: 10-32 V