ATV Mowers

Our ATV mowers, pasture toppers and strimmers for ATV and quad are used to mow larger pasture areas and lawns where an ordinary lawnmower is insufficient. Depending on what you want to cut, there are several alternatives to choose from. For tough vegetation it's a good idea to use an ATV mower equipped with hammer flails, which break the grass apart instead of cutting it. For smaller areas or pasture topping, a pasture topper is more suitable as it cuts with blades. If you need to mow around the house, under the fence or around trees, a strimmer is most suitable.

The strimmer is equipped with trimmer wire, and automatically springs aside when it hits an obstacle.

By mowing the grass in your fields and around your farm, you ensure that vegetation growth does not stop. Grass left to grow freely without being grazed or mown grows into tall, unwanted weeds. By continuously mowing grass and grazing areas, you ensure that you keep the vegetation in a constant growth phase. If some areas are not thoroughly grazed down, you can usefully mow them and thereby create feed for your animals.

Several of our ATV mowers are equipped with Kellfri's design-protected flap, which reduces the occurrence of heaps of grass under the cover. The flap also ensures a better and more even spread of grass. This means that you both save fuel and reduce wear and tear on the belts and other moving parts inside the shell of the ATV mower. The design of the flap also enables you to operate at a higher speed than with an ATV mower without a flap.

At Kellfri you will find ATV mowers for tougher vegetation, versatile strimmers for effective mowing around your farm and pasture toppers for your pastures.

All our cutting machines have a number of customisation options and have a powerful design that protects all moving parts of the machine while at the same time being easily accessible for cleaning. All mowers are pulled by an ATV or quad and are equipped with adjustable drawbars which are easy to connect and suit the majority of ATVs and quads.

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