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Kellfri's trailers for quads/ATVs are very functional and we have trailers which can take loads from 350 kg to 1.5 tonnes. Galvanised tipping trailers which can be adapted to suit your needs, removable ends, drop sides, extension sides, making them really useful tipping trailers for your quad/ATV.

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Garden trailer with tow bar

Garden trailer with tow bar and tiltable floor

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Tipping trailer ATV 1,420 kg with electrical hydraulic tipper

Tipping trailer for ATVs/Quads with electrical hydraulic tipper.

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Tipping trailer ATV 500 kg

Versatile ATV trailer with tipper.

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Transport trailer

Small-sized trailer, ideal for transporting everything from buckets to sheep.

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ATV Dolly

When you need to pull an extra heavy load with your ATV!

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Tipping and forestry trailer for ATV

Tipping trailer with wire crane for quads/ATVs with both tipping floor and bolsters.

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ATV tipping trailer, 1.5 tonnes

Tipping trailer for quads/ATVs with powerful bogie and 1.5 tonne load capacity.

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Water trailer ATV

Water trailer 800 l with watering ramp for Quads/ATVs.

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Trailer for water tank for ATVs/Quads

Trailer for ATVs/quads adapted for EUR pallets with watering ramp

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Water tank 800 l

Water tank 800 l with tap

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Timber ski sled

Versatile two-part timber ski sled for your snowmobile or ATV, for forwarding timber.

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Universal sled

Platform ski sled for your snowmobile or ATV, for transporting equipment

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Total: 12 Item(s)