Electric chainsaw 2.4 kW with soft start and Oregon chain

Powerful, electric-powered chainsaw with 2.4 kW motor and 16" Oregon bar and chain.

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Product no. 13-KW109C

Electric chainsaw with soft start and Oregon bar

An electric chainsaw enables you to work smoothly and easily when you want to cut wood. You don’t have to worry about petrol and oil, or disruptive noise levels. You can even use the chainsaw indoors, for example in the garage, without worrying about exhaust fumes or high noise levels disturbing neighbours.

This electric-powered chainsaw is equipped with a powerful 16" Oregon bar and chain, which provides high capacity and the ability to cut through both thin and thick logs quickly and efficiently. The 2.4 kW motor also delivers enough power to tackle heavy-duty tasks and tough sawing jobs effortlessly.

One practical feature of this electric chainsaw is its soft start function. This means that the saw starts smoothly and gradually, reducing the risk of jerky movements or unexpected vibrations that can interfere with your work. You can instead start sawing in a smooth, controlled way right from the start, allowing you to work more safely and efficiently.

The electric chainsaw has automatic oil lubrication with a sight glass for measuring the oil level. Oil is topped up on the side of the saw


The chainsaw is compatible with Kellfri’s KW340 log cutter and splitter
If you have a KW340 log cutter and splitter WITHOUT a C on the CE plate, you also need to buy a plate bracket/holder for chainsaw R13-KW340.059.3. You can find a bracket here.
If you have a KW340 log cutter and splitter with a C on the CE plate, the bracket is included and only the saw is required.


Electric Chainsaw – Technical Information:

• L x W x H: 880 x 210 x 230 mm

• Max. output: 2,4 kW

• Chain speed: 15 m/s

• Noise level: 107 dB

• Cutting length: 16"/400 mm

• Oil tank capacity: 150 ml

• Oregon bar: 16"

• Cable length: 1,6 m

• Chainsaw weight: 5,6 kg

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