Diagonal snow blade, 2.5 m working width, with attachment which fits Trima

Double wings, hydraulic side shift adjustment and relief valve.

Front-mounted diagonal blade with double wings and skids

• Working width 200 + 25 + 25 cm
• Working height 55 cm
• Double wings
• Replaceable wear steel
• Skids

The blade is fitted with double wings to capture the larger material volumes.

The power is distributed downwards through the skid plate, and the blade does not dig into the ground. If there are no skids on the blade, the wear steel is subjected to unnecessary wear. If the temperature is around zero it is difficult to work without skids.

The high blade makes the diagonal blade very suitable for dealing with large volumes of material. In cold weather, around – 20°C, there is less snow dust when the blade height is high, which increases safety as good visibility is maintained during work.

By means of the spring loaded safety release, the blade folds back out of the way if it collides with a manhole cover or other fixed obstacles.

The diagonal blade requires a double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor. Hydraulic side shift adjustment +15/-30°. Equipped with relief valve. The diagonal blade is supplied with two hydraulic ½ inch quick coupling male hoses and with a bracket that fits Trima.

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Product no. 37-SP250T