Tipping trailers & accessories

Kellfri offers a wide range of tipping trailers for tractors and ATVs / UTVs, designed for different environments and purposes. Whether you are moving bulk material on the farm or timber in the forest, you can find a model that meets your needs.


Supplement with accessories such as extension bracket for increased load capacity, rear-view camera for better visibility or crane and winch for work in the forest.

  • {"id":"b-21-SV07","name":"ATV forestry trailer with crane winch","category":"ATV equipment/Forestry trailers & accessories ATV/Forestry trailers","price":"1190"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV10HBB3","name":"Battery box for tipping trailer ATV 1420 kg","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"80"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV07ST4","name":"Bolster kit for ATV forestry trailers, 4 circular bolsters with attachments","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"130"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV07FB","name":"Extended tailgate for TV07PRO forestry trailer","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"115"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV06FLPRO","name":"Extension bracket for tipping trailer ATV 500 kg PRO","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Accessories for trailers ATV","price":"115"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV10HFL2","name":"Extension side for tipping trailer 1420 kg","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"150"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV25FH","name":"Extension sides for TV25","category":"Agriculture/Tractor trailers/Trailer accessories","price":"470"}
  • {"id":"b-21-1471031","name":"LED work light incl. 20 cm cable","category":"ATV equipment/Forestry trailers & accessories ATV/Accessories for Forestry Trailers ATV","price":"135"}
  • {"id":"b-21-9425089","name":"Rearview camera incl. monitor and 20 m connection cable","category":"ATV equipment/Forestry trailers & accessories ATV/Accessories for Forestry Trailers ATV","price":"395"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV07V3","name":"Road scraper 3-blade for TV07PRO with weight box","category":"ATV equipment/Road / Snow / Ice ATV/Road drag","price":"945"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV10HJS","name":"Stabilisers with wheels","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"75"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV07PRO","name":"Tipping and forestry trailer ATV PRO","category":"ATV equipment/Forestry trailers & accessories ATV/Forestry trailers","price":"1750"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV10H","name":"Tipping trailer ATV 1,420 kg with electrical hydraulic tipper","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Trailers","price":"2200"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV06PRO","name":"Tipping trailer ATV 500 kg with galvanized tread plate","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Trailers","price":"650"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV15ATV","name":"ATV tipping trailer, 1.5 tonnes","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Trailers","price":"2330"}