Stable accessories

Here we have gathered various different accessories for horse and stable. Among other products, you can find door rails, bridle and saddle racks to help you keep your horse accessories in order. The stable is part of the horse's home, and should be designed to provide the horse with a pleasant environment.

In order to create a good environment, it may be appropriate to furnish the stable with stable mats. Here you can find stable mats for horses in straight lengths and mats to be laid in jigsaw patterns. Stable mats have both heat-insulating and sound-dampening effects, are good for tendons and joints, and contribute to reduced ammonia odour.

Here there are also accessories such as suspension chains, so that you can hold the horse in place for it to be groomed or washed, or if its hooves need to be trimmed. For this you can also, in addition, find suspension rings.

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8 produkter
  • {"id":"b-28-TH6P","name":"Blanket rack, 6-armed","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Stable accessories","price":"120"}
  • {"id":"b-28-HBL","name":"Feeding flap","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Stable accessories","price":"108"}
  • {"id":"b-05-LR1200","name":"Lock bar for door","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Stable accessories","price":"85"}
  • {"id":"b-28-SHL21551","name":"Saddle rack, foldable","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Stable accessories","price":"35"}
  • {"id":"b-28-SHL21522","name":"Saddle rack, three saddles","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Stable accessories","price":"90"}
  • {"id":"b-28-10010016P","name":"Stable mat","category":"Agriculture/Gates and livestock housing fixtures/Livestock housing fixtures","price":"65"}
  • {"id":"b-28-20040010R","name":"Stable mat 4 m","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Stable accessories","price":"415"}
  • {"id":"b-28-20050010R","name":"Stable mat 5 m","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Stable accessories","price":"560"}