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Domestic animals

Products especially for those of you who run cattle farms, have horses, sheep or dogs. Galvanised livestock housing fixtures, feed fronts and feeders for use in both small and large scale. Galvanised moveable gates for temporary pastures for e.g. separation or convalescence as well as a wide range of galvanised gates. Wind shelters which simplify livestock management, and posts and fences are also part of the wide range of products we offer.

In our horse product range there are also paddock harrows, fence packages, fence trailers and horse exercisers!

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Roofed feeder for sheep

Large bale feeder with adjustable feeding gates, 22 openings

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Chicken wire 50 m x 1,8 m x 0,7 mm

Galvanised chicken wire and hexagonal netting, 50 m x 1.8 m x 0.7 mm.

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Moveable gate with loop legs

Galvanised moveable gate with loop legs for herding paths and pens.

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Feeder with tombstone railings, for  cattle, 12 feed openings

Feeder with three-point attachment, strong tubular frame, double attached tombstone railings and three openable sections.

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Feeder for sheep, 1.7 m ø

Galvanised circular feeder for sheep, 24 feed openings.

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Wind shelter 6 x 6 m incl. loop leg  gates

Protect your livestock against insects, sun, wind and precipitation.

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Front with sliding door 3.0 m, including pine panelling

Front with sliding doors and openable grille for horse stalls.

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Paddock harrow, 3-point linkage

Paddock harrow with 220 cm working width, for tractors

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Dog run panel, 1.2 m

Build a dog run with flexible modular system made up of 1.2 m mesh panels

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Chicken wire 50 m x 1,5 m x 0,9 mm

Galvanised chicken wire 50 m x 1.5 m

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Total: 10 Item(s)