Heated bucket 60 litre, incl. transformer

The heated bucket keeps the water for your animals ice-free during winter.

Keeps water ice-free!

• Volume 60 l
• Inner bucket wall made of PP plastic, approved for food, ideal for sensitive animals like horses
• Heating element: 156 W (7 A), 24 volt
• Transformer from Tufvassons, 120 VA (5 A), IP44, connect to 230 volts with supplied plug
• Size Ø 574 mm, height 328 mm
• Weight 6 kg

The heated bucket that keeps water ice-free

Easy to clean and connect. The heated bucket is made of hard and durable plastic. Double bottom with heating element in base and up the sides.

Save time and worry by keeping bucket ice-free making sure the animals have access to water, both indoors and outdoors.

Tufvasson's transformer provides the heated bucket with the correct low voltage protection, 24 V, and guarantees the highest possible safety for both people and animals.

Recommended maximum distance between transformer and heated bucket is 30 metres. Copes with temperatures down to -30°.

• One heated bucket
• One transformer
• Two plugs

The lead between the heated bucket and the transformer is sold separately and is available in these following lengths:

• 5 metres
• 10 meters
• 15 metres
• 20 metres
• 25 metres
• 30 metres

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£240 Excl. VAT
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Product no. 28-VH65