Firewood splitter, electric-powered, 7 tonnes, 70 cm

Electric-powered, fully hydraulic firewood splitter with adjustable splitting length 40 - 70 cm
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A quiet, strong companion on the woodpile

• 7 tonnes of splitting force
• 2-way and 4-way splitting wedge
• Two-handed control = Safety
• Adjustable splitting length for faster processing
• Large work table for versatile handling of cut firewood

Kellfri's electrical hydraulic firewood splitter is a generously designed construction with 7 tonnes of splitting force. Adjustable splitting length up to 70 cm and variable splitting length adjustment for quicker splitting of shorter logs.

Pressure plate.

The firewood splitter has a two-hand control with 2-way or 4-way splitting wedge which can be set at two fixed heights and a comfortable working height. The splitting speed is 1 dm/sec with double return speed control, the cylinder is controlled by powerful rails for problem-free operation.

Easy to use two-handed control.

Reversible wedge, 2-way or 4-way splitting wedge.

Wheels make it easy to move and a substantial work table for quick handling of split firewood. Supplied filled with oil in the inbuilt upper tank, phase inverter and emergency stop.

Removable work table for easy transportation and storage.

Outlet with phase inverter.

Compact powerhouse from Kellfri

Here you can see a film about our electric-powered firewood splitter

More Information
Operating height 720 mm
Electrical power 3-phase, 400 V
Splitting length 400 - 700 mm
Engine 4 hp
Lift capacity 7 tonnes
Weight 175 kg