Firewood splitter, tractor-driven, 7 tonnes, 70 cm

Tractor-operated firewood splitter with adjustable splitting length 30-70 cm

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£750 Excl. VAT
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Product no. 13-VK2700

Versatile, strong and non-electrical solution

• Protective cage as standard

• 7 tonnes of splitting force

• 2-way and 4-way splitting wedge

• Two-handed control = Safety

• Adjustable splitting length for faster processing

• Large work table for versatile handling of cut firewood

• Oil included

Tractor-driven firewood splitter with 700 mm splitting length. Three-point linkage and hydraulic hoses with male couplings for pressure and return outlets on tractor. Safe two-handed control to avoid personal injuries. 3-point linkage for tractor making it easy to move. Large removable work table.

4-way splitting wedge that is easy to set to two fixed heights and substantial work table for quick handling of split firewood. The splitting length can be variably set for faster splitting of shorter log lengths.

7-tonne splitting force means the most stubborn wood types can be split and the firewood splitter is flexible as it is not dependent on electricity.

Oil included. Check the oil level before first use.    

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