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Forest & Firewood

People have always been fascinated by the forest regardless of whether it has been for hunting, livelihood or recreation. There has always been an appeal in being able to go into the forest and collecting the forest's abundance, whether it is berries or timber. Drinking a cup of coffee on a fresh tree stump, with the smell of the forest and the spring snows. Feeling that you are taking care of and leaving a forest to the next generation. Forestry work can be demanding and heavy, therefore it is vital to equip yourself in the best way. Kellfri has a forestry range which is very safe and comes at an affordable price. Cranes, timber trailers, rotators, grapples or stroke harvesters, once you have made your choice you want to be sure your equipment does not let you down. Therefore at Kellfri, we do everything to ensure that our products meet your expectations and are safe, reliable and functional.

Choose safety - choose Kellfri

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Forestry trailer 6 tonnes with crane 4.7 m

Two-lever valve block and hydraulic stabilisers as standard.

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Forestry trailer 8 tonnes with crane 5.3 m

Forestry trailer 8 tonnes with 5.3 m crane. 35 m winch and three-point linkage on the crane.

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Forestry trailer 9 tonnes with crane 6.3 m

Forestry trailer 9 tonnes with crane 6.3 m. Two-lever valve block and 35 m winch.

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Forestry trailer with 3.6 m crane including wheel drive

9 hp petrol motor, for ATV or small tractor, hydraulic stabilisers as standard.

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Stroke harvester

Delimbs close to the trunk, quickly cuts to prevent splinters in the trunk.

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Wood chopper grapple

Wood Chopper Grapple extends the range of applications on your timber trailer.

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Firewood splitter, electric-powered, 7 tonnes, 70 cm

Electric-powered, fully hydraulic firewood splitter with adjustable splitting length 40 - 70 cm

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Log cutter and splitter, electric-powered

Log cutter and splitter, cuts and splits logs up to 34 cm ø.

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Firewood processor with 4 m conveyor, electric-powered

Firewood processor, electric-powered with adjustable 15-55 cm splitting length.

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Total: 9 Item(s)