Stroke harvester

Delimbs close to the trunk, quickly cuts to prevent splinters in the trunk.

The Kellfri stroke harvester keeps you safe when working in the forest.

• Parker Volvo F11 hydraulic motor
• Saw bar from Iggesund
• The delimbing deck can be rotated 220°
• Adjustable stroke of 1 to 1.25 metres
• Cutting diameter of 400 mm
• Delimbing diameter of up to 350 mm

• Color: black/yellow

Its unique well-designed delimbing blades ensures top quality tree delimbing, in other words delimbing takes place as close to the trunks as possible.
Using a Swedish-made Parker Volvo F11 hydraulic motor, the trunks are optimally cut with a saw bar from Iggesund. The cut is clean, neat and professional as there are no traces of any splinters on the trunks. The Kellfri Stroke harvester is the optimal quality solution for forest owners.

Large delimbing force is generated even with low hydraulic capacity. The delimbing deck can be rotated 220° to allow processing from both ends. Delimbing blade pressure is adjustable, the cutting motor is well dimensioned, and protected hydraulics and a robust design and proven technology guarantees trouble-free processing. 

This professional partner helps you to maximise profitability by being able to flexibly and rapidly fell and thin in the correct manner and at the right time. (Weather, price changes, adapted to stands).
Adjustable stroke of 1 to 1.25 metres works well for pulpwood and normal timber. Cutting diameter of 400 mm, delimbing diameter of up to 350 mm. Easy speed adjustment.
To separate branches and trunks, the timber is cut close to the machine and the pulpwood at full extension. The timber is concentrated in the crane zone and the branches in the access road, which facilitates forwarding and protects standing trees from root damage.
You perform the task from inside the cab, and avoid the heavy and dangerous work of delimbing and piling up the wood.

The machine is supplied fully assembled, test driven and with oil in the system.

"Its very competitive price also makes it possible for smaller forest owners to purchase a stroke harvester. So why buy a service when you can do the job yourself? The Kellfri stroke harvester offers a solution that delimbs, cuts and piles up the timber. The timber also ends up outside the access road thanks to it being cut at full extension," says Kjell Johansson, product development manager at Kellfri, who was very happy with the response to the stroke manager at the Elmia forest trade show in 2015.

Kellfri's stroke harvester in combination with Kellfri's timber trailer with articulated steering and external tractor-driven hydraulic system together constitute an unbeatable combination both in terms of price and quality.
Kellfri's stroke harvester can also be combined with the majority of timber trailers on the market with a central beam, cranes and tractors.

"There has been great interest which I understand. It is a very affordable machine that both increases capacity in the forest and makes the work safer," says Fredrik who is a salesperson at Kellfri.


1. Grapple adjustment
If the grapple function is not satisfactory, screw in the flow restrictor valve (indicated in the photo) one turn at a time. The function is affected by the tractor's oil flow and different tractors have different flows.

2. Adjustment of the saw bar's motion
Screw in: faster downward motion
Screw out: slower downward motion

Up and down motion of chain saw
Turn the restrictor valve (indicated in the photo) to adjust the up and down motion of chainsaw. Always adjust speed to the size of the logs. It is recommended to lower the speed when cutting thick logs.

This product has to be assembled by Kellfri's staff. For delivery information, contact your nearest dealer.

Here you can see a film about the stroke harvester

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£8 900 Excl. VAT
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