Flail mowers

Flail mowers are eminently suitable for you if you manage and take care of grasslands and need to cut, top or flail them. Which mower suits you best depends on the size of the area and the power of your tractor. If you have larger areas you should invest in a wider machine that cuts a wider area and thereby streamlines the work. For smaller areas, a smaller machine is eminently suitable.

The W series – Reliable and affordable machines

Our flail mowers in the W series are designed to be versatile and flexible. The W series flail mowers are therefore suitable for you if you have medium-sized areas to cut or top. The machines are reliable and long-lasting, with well-built chassis, and are therefore eminently suitable for your pastures.

Our W series flail mowers are supplied with hammer flails. The number of flails fitted depends on the size of the machine. You can always double the number by replacing the hammer flails with Y-flails. The replaceable flails are a great advantage of our flail mowers, since you can adapt them to the material you want to cut.

The W series has a broad range of working widths, so that you can find something that suits you and your particular needs.

The X series – For those who demand that little bit extra

The X series consists of more powerful flail mowers that will suit you if you are looking for a machine with a little more power. As well as a sturdy chassis, the flail mowers also have hydraulic side shift adjustment as standard, enabling you to position the machine at the side and thereby reach areas that are otherwise difficult to get to. The support roller, also included as standard, guarantees that you get the correct cutting height.

Our X series flail mowers are also supplied with an openable flap. The openable flap is extremely useful if you need to cut in thick, dense areas. Opening the flap enables you to progress unhindered through thick, dense areas. The X series is also fitted with SKF ball bearings.

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  • {"id":"b-35-WKM105","name":"Flail mower W 1.05 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1200"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKM125","name":"Flail mower W 1.25 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1310"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKM145","name":"Flail mower W 1.45 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1460"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKM175","name":"Flail mower W 1.75 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1675"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKM195","name":"Flail mower W 1.95 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1990"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKH195","name":"Flail mower W 1.95 m, hydraulic side shift adjustment","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"2250"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKH185","name":"Flail mower X 1,85 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"2310"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKH145","name":"Flail mower X 1.45 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"2115"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKE200","name":"Flail mower X 2.0 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"2990"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKE240","name":"Flail mower X 2.4 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"4110"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKE280","name":"Flail mower X 2.8 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"4550"}