Our range of grassland machinery includes a number of different models equally suitable for landscape maintenance and pasture topping. Our models are available in different sizes and with the majority of various functions and accessories, to enable you the customer to find something that suits you and your particular needs.

The X and W series – Reliable and affordable grassland machinery

Our completely new grassland machinery in the X and W series is reliable and affordable machinery for you, your tractor and, not least, your grasslands.

The W series includes our flail mowers and verge flail mowers, and is suitable for you if you manage or look after small to medium-sized grasslands.  The flail mowers are the obvious choice for you if you are looking for a long-lasting, uncomplicated grassland machine with many years' development behind it.

The grassland machines in the W series are versatile and affordable, and suitable for most jobs thanks to the broad range of working widths, from 105 cm all the way to 195 cm. Our grassland machines in the W series are the ideal machines for your grasslands.

X series flail mowers

Our grassland machinery in the X series takes the next step in the development of affordable machines. The X series consists of flail mowers that therefore suit you if you are looking for an extra-powerful and robust grassland machine. The flail mowers in the X series are equipped with sturdy chassis, SKF ball bearings, practical side shift adjustment and openable flap as standard.

The flail mowers in the X series are heavier and will cope with tougher challenges such as rough terrain with saplings and stubble.

The machines in the X series are equipped with hydraulic side shift adjustment, which makes it easier for you to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to get to. With a broad range of working widths and support roller to guarantee the correct clipping height, they will suit you if you are looking for that little bit extra. The machines also have well thought-out details and refinements, such as the openable flap which is effective for large flows of material.

Take care of your grass areas

It is important to take are of your grasslands, not just flail and cut. If you want the grass to grow, you also need to take care of the ground the grass grows in. By using a grassland harrow, you ensure that you aerate the ground and thus get rid of moss. The grassland harrow also ensures that plenty of oxygen gets into the ground. A sufficient amount of oxygen in the soil gives you good conditions for strong grass growth.

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42 products
  • {"id":"b-35-FMF275","name":"Pasture topper 2.75 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Pasture toppers","price":"2290"}
  • {"id":"b-35-HKKFT","name":"Strimmer, front mounted, with attachment to fit Trima","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Pasture toppers","price":"1950"}
  • {"id":"b-35-TS600","name":"Strimmer 3-point","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Pasture toppers","price":"920"}
  • {"id":"b-35-HKKFE","name":"Strimmer, front mounted, Euro","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Pasture toppers","price":"1950"}
  • {"id":"b-35-HKK","name":"Strimmer","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Pasture toppers","price":"1950"}
  • {"id":"b-35-FM180","name":"Park mowers","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Pasture toppers","price":"1125"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKM125","name":"Flail mower W 1.25 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1090"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKM145","name":"Flail mower W 1.45 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1190"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKM175","name":"Flail mower W 1.75 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1290"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKM195","name":"Flail mower W 1.95 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1590"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKH185","name":"Flail mower X 1,85 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1890"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKH145","name":"Flail mower X 1.45 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"1690"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKE200","name":"Flail mower X 2.0 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"2711"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKE240","name":"Flail mower X 2.4 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"3190"}
  • {"id":"b-35-XKE280","name":"Flail mower X 2.8 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Flail mowers","price":"3490"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKL140","name":"Verge flail mower W 1.4 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Verge flail mower","price":"2390"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKS145","name":"Verge flail mower W 1.45 m, lightweight","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Verge flail mower","price":"1890"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKL180","name":"Verge flail mower W 1.8 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Verge flail mower","price":"2590"}
  • {"id":"b-35-WKL220","name":"Verge flail mower W 2.2 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Verge flail mower","price":"3190"}
  • {"id":"B-28-RBH2","category":"ATV equipment/Riding course ATV/Harrows","price":"1290"}
  • {"id":"b-28-RBH220","name":"Arena harrow, 3-point linkage","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Harrows","price":"1590"}
  • {"id":"B-36-BH200B","name":"Grassland harrow 2 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Harrows","price":"750"}
  • {"id":"B-36-BH600B","name":"Grassland harrow 6 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Harrows","price":"2650"}
  • {"id":"B-36-HM137","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Paddock","price":"350"}
  • {"id":"B-36-HM183","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Paddock","price":"520"}
  • {"id":"B-36-HM244","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Paddock","price":"620"}
  • {"id":"b-36-HM3P170","name":"Three-point linkage frame for 1.7 m harrow mat","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Harrows","price":"285"}
  • {"id":"b-36-HM3P210","name":"Three-point linkage frame for 2.1 m harrow mat","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Harrows","price":"305"}
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  • {"id":"b-31-TL135","name":"Rotary cultivator 1.35 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Rotary cultivators","price":"1050"}
  • {"id":"b-31-TL180","name":"Rotary cultivator 1.8 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Rotary cultivators","price":"1650"}
  • {"id":"b-31-TL210","name":"Rotary cultivator 2.1 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Rotary cultivators","price":"2350"}
  • {"id":"b-33-JM650","name":"Fertiliser spreader 650 kg","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Fertiliser spreaders","price":"850"}
  • {"id":"b-35-FDM200","name":"Rotary disc mower 2.0 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Rotary disc mowers","price":"3750"}
  • {"id":"b-35-FDM240","name":"Rotary disc mower 2.4 m","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/Rotary disc mowers","price":"4150"}
  • {"id":"b-35-VKMATV120H","name":"ATV flail mower with flap, 1.2 m, 15 hp","category":"ATV equipment/ATV Groundcare/ATV Mowers","price":"1490"}
  • {"id":"b-35-VKMATV120H.B","name":"ATV flail mower with flap, 1.2 m, Briggs and Stratton 13.5 hp","category":"ATV equipment/ATV Groundcare/ATV Mowers","price":"1690"}
  • {"id":"b-35-VKMATV150H2","name":"ATV flail mower, with flap and electrical start-up, 1.5 m, 18 hp","category":"ATV equipment/ATV Groundcare/ATV Mowers","price":"1790"}
  • {"id":"b-35-VKMATV150HXL","name":"ATV flail mower XL with flap, 1,5 m, 25 hp","category":"Agriculture/Groundcare/ATV Mowers","price":"2890"}
  • {"id":"b-35-VKMATV150H.B","name":"ATV flail mower with flap, 1,5 m Briggs and Startton 13,5 hp","category":"ATV equipment/ATV Groundcare/ATV Mowers","price":"1890"}
  • {"id":"b-35-VKMATVF","name":"ATV flail mower, front mounted","category":"ATV equipment/ATV Groundcare/ATV Mowers","price":"1390"}
  • {"id":"b-35-SR620","name":"Strimmer ATV","category":"ATV equipment/ATV Groundcare/ATV Mowers","price":"620"}