Verge flail mower

When you want to mow verges and ditches, you should invest in a sturdy verge flail mower that copes with both grass and saplings. Our verge flail mowers can be used directly behind the tractor but also at the side, with the help of side shift adjustment. The verge flail mower is a practical, affordable tool that will come in handy for cutting, topping or clearing ditch edges, verges and so on.

W series verge flail mowers – robust and reliable machines

Our W series verge flail mowers are practical, reliable, and flexible grassland machines, available in several different sizes. All our W series verge flail mowers are supplied as standard with side shift adjustment, which enables you to position the machine at the side. You will therefore be able to reach ditch edges, etc. If you wish, you can also pull the machine directly behind the tractor.

In our range of verge flail mowers you will also find models with an openable flap. The flap is eminently suitable if you know you will be cutting thick material. The openable flap increases the throughflow of material, so that you can drive as usual. Efficient and, not least, practical!

From fine topping to rough clearing

A verge flail mower is reminiscent of a traditional pasture topper. The difference between the machines, however, is that a verge flail mower enables you to cut where you can't drive with your tractor. Above all, this means the areas at the side of the road or verges. This gives a verge flail mower a broader range of uses. On some of our models, it is also possible to tilt the cutting head. Tilting the cutting head gives you a better cutting performance especially on steeper edges.

A verge flail mower is an ideal tool if you need to keep forest tracks tidy before saplings spread too much. Keeping the edges of forest tracks clear can also be a safety issue, since tall saplings have a negative impact on visibility. It can also be more difficult to plough along a verge full of saplings. There are a number of advantages of keeping the tracks tidy.

Verge flail mower with flap – For more efficient spreading

Choosing a verge flail mower with a flap will spread the grass more effectively when you mow. This saves you time, as you can drive faster because the grass does not wind itself around the roller like it does when there is no flap. A wide verge flail mower also gives you a greater reach.

With a verge flail mower for your tractor, you keep your land in top condition, as you can mow and clear in places that are otherwise difficult to reach.

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