Pasture toppers

Pasture toppers are powerful grass cutters with blades, usually pulled behind a tractor. If you are responsible for pasture, you need to deal with it so that fields and meadows do not grow wild, and a pasture topper does the job for you. Topping the pasture encourages grass growth, and you get rid of weeds. You should do the first topping before midsummer, when the grass is growing fastest.

If your pasture is too high there is a danger that the animals will trample it down in their search for more delicate grass. Using a pasture topper is therefore a matter of both economics and the animals' well-being.

There are different pasture toppers for different purposes

A number of factors determine which is the ideal pasture topper for you. Will you be pulling the tool with an ATV or a tractor? If you need to deal with thicker saplings as well as grass, an ATV mower can be a good alternative to a classic pasture topper.

If you work on large areas you should choose as wide a pasture topper as possible - this will save you time. Another factor to take into consideration is: how stony is the ground you are going to top? Choose a topper with blades that can fold out of the way on contact with obstacles if the substrate is extremely uneven. If your pasture is level and in good condition, a park mower can do the job for you.

We also sell spare parts for pasture toppers, which means that you can quickly get your pasture toppers into shape with no hassle. It also makes our pasture toppers not only competitively priced here in the shop, but also cheaper to own in the long run. Pasture toppers are sold with everything you need to start using them. You can choose to add various accessories depending on your needs.

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