Rotary disc mowers

When it's time to flail and harvest your grasslands, large and small, it's practical to have a machine that does the work both more simply and more efficiently. In choosing a rotary disc mower, your primary consideration should be the size of your land. The more land you have to mow, the more practical a larger machine is.

The F series - Affordable machines in various sizes

Our F series rotary disc mowers are available in several sizes and are well suited to both large and small grassed areas. If you have smaller areas to take care of, a smaller machine works very well. All our rotary disc mowers are fitted with oval rotary discs that cut the grass very efficiently. Oval discs are more efficient and give you a better harvest than conventional circular discs.

Our rotary disc mowers are the obvious choice when you want to get the job done simply and smoothly. Our new machines in the F series are suitable for tractors from 60 hp up to 100 hp, regardless of the size of the machine. This means that our machines are versatile tools that suit most tractors, farms and needs.

For most types of grassland

Our versatile, efficient rotary disc mowers have been developed to be even better than their predecessors. This means, among other things, that they have new frames and a better three-point linkage. The F series has also been developed with belt drive and cutter bar.

With our rotary disc mowers you get a machine that meets your needs, regardless of whether you want to harvest or top pastures, fields or other grasslands.

When you invest in a rotary disc mower from us, you get a machine that not only does a splendid job, but also streamlines, simplifies and meets large as well as small needs, regardless of whether you want to harvest or top your pastures and fields.

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