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Verge flail mower with flap, 1.4 m

Mower with rear flap. For tractors with 50 hp or more.

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Cuts road embankments and pastureland

• Fitted with a flap at the back
• 1.4 m working width for tractors with 50 hp or more
• 20 powerful forged hammer flails make cutting grass and saplings an easy task
• The hydraulic side shift adjustment means you don't drive over and flatten uncut grass
• Cutting head can be angled 42° downwards and 90° upwards
• Sturdy support rollers make it easier to stay close to the ground and achieve a good cutting result
• High level of safety thanks to collision protection that angles the machine upwards if you hit a stump

Increase speed with a verge flail mower fitted with a flap

Fitted with a flap at the back, which releases the grass to avoid excessive accumulation under the hood. You save on fuel and reduce wear on the belts, and you can also operate at a higher speed, as the grass does not become twisted around the roller. The grass is also spread more evenly.

High level of safety thanks to collision protection.

Sturdy supporting roller makes it easier to follow to the ground.

Choose a verge flail mower if you need to cut both behind and to the side of the tractor. As well as using it as a regular pasture topper, you can also use it to cut ditches, hedges and overhang by using the side shift adjustment and angling the cutting head.

This machine is has a very sturdy construction and has forged hammer flails, which means you can cover surfaces tougher than grass. The flails cover saplings with ease and cleverly fold back if you hit logs or stones.

20 forged hammer flails.


Other useful facts about the verge flail mower:

• You connect it to the tractor's three-point linkage
• 98 cm hydraulic side shift adjustment, enabling full side shift cutting by the machine with tractor widths of 196 cm
• Two double-acting hydraulic outlets on the tractor are used to control the side shift adjustment and the angle of the cutting roller
• Supplied with PTO drive shaft and transmission oil, plus four hydraulic ½ inch, quick coupling male hoses

Please note: The machine requires two double-acting hydraulic outlets and a certain amount of assembly has to be carried out by customers.

You can watch a film showing our verge flail mower in action here

Spareparts for Verge flail mower with flap, 1.4 m

Hammer flail 140 mm for verge flail mower

Hammer flail 140 mm for verge flail mower 35SK140.

Working width
1,400 mm
Power requirement
40 - 80 hp
Operating speed
6 - 12 km/h
x 20
Three-point connection
Cat. 2
540 rpm
500 kg