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Small, versatile excavator for tight spaces.

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Small, versatile excavator for tight spaces

• Kohler engine
• Hydro control valve
• Track width 73 cm
• Stable rollbar
• Delivered with 30 cm wide bucket

The ideal excavator for excavating gardens, lifting logs to be used as firewood, digging holes for planting trees or burying cables or hoses.

With its hydraulic dozer blade, 360 degree rotation and a large oil container, this machine is designed for the toughest jobs. Driven by a Kohler 9.5 hp petrol engine with 12 volt electrical start-up with choke and throttle.

Powerful hydraulics via double pumps, giving a flow of 22 l/min.

Working in tight spaces is no problem, as the track width is only 73 cm. Because of its size, the excavator is gentle on the ground and convenient to transport in a small trailer.

Delivered with stable rollbar and 30 cm wide bucket. A number of different tools are available as accessories.

The excavator in the picture is extra-equipped with ceilings.

Pulling force
0.9 t
9.5 hp
Excavation depth
Max 1,020 mm
Max arm height: 2,160 mm
L x W x H
1,800 x 950 x 2,000 mm
Max arm length: 2,170 mm
550 kg
Tank 5.3 l

Accessories for Mini-excavator

Bucket for mini-excavator ME12

Bucket for mini-excavator ME12, 20 cm.

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Bucket for mini-excavator ME12, serrated

Serrated bucket for mini-excavator ME12, 30 cm.

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Grading bucket for mini-excavator ME12

Grading bucket for mini-excavator ME12, 60 cm.

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Stone grapple for mini-excavator ME12

Stone grapple for mini-excavator ME12.

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Ripper tooth for mini-excavator ME12

Ripper tooth for mini-excavator ME12.

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